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Current Status: VOR (awaiting MOT)

P327HVX is a Dennis Dart with Plaxton Pointer bodywork.

The vehicle was stored in the same place I keep my vehicles and is of particular interest to me as I drove it when it was brand new to County Bus at itís Grays garage.

It had been on the market for some time but in August 2019 I could resist temptation no more and a deal was agreed to move the vehicle into my ownership.

Being as itís already preserved in its original livery, the vehicle is essentially ready to rally. That wonít happen straight away though as itís been off the road for over two years and thus needs an MOT and a few confidence trips first.

One job I do intend to do though is to remove the fleet name off the boot lid as it was never there originally. Iím in two minds about the DP327 fleet numbers as they were never carried on the vehicles originally, but I do kinda like them. Hmmm......

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