DAF P335ROO was acquired on16th August 2012 from Sanders Coaches, Holt, Norfolk, and thus entered preservation from that date. It was rallied for the first time during the 2013 season.

The vehicle has Northern Counties Palatine 2 double deck bodywork and was new to Harris Bus in May 1997. 

When 335 was new, Harris Bus were making extensive use of localised branding and 335 became part of the Ilford Link group of vehicles operating routes under contract to London Transport in that area. Although Harris Bus vehicles carried local identities, their vehicles often strayed onto other routes in other areas; the DAF’s were never popular with drivers on the London work as they didn’t have assault screens fitted (unlike the mainstay of Ilford fleet of vehicles, the Volvo Olympians with their East Lancs bodies).

335 did also stray South of the river Thames - not only do I have a picture of her in Harris’s Belvedere depot, but Ians bus stop also carries a reference to her working on route 132 (Bexleyheath - Eltham)!!

At the time of purchase, P335ROO was only the second former Harris Bus vehicle in preservation - the first being Fred Lawrance’s very well presented Leyland PD3 BUF426C

The vehicle was restored to its original livery, though when I say restored her to her original livery, it was the Lime Green & Blue Ilford link version but with a small piece of ‘artistic licence’ applied - given the excellent single door conversion it was to remain single doored as the cost putting the centre exit doors back was far too prohibitive.

335 proved to be a problem child with endless breakdowns - no sooner would one defect be fixed another would occur. It was eventually scrapped in November 2014 after being damaged by a military tank at its storage location.

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