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This website is all about my preserved buses, showing their stories and the journey they’ve taken in preservation.

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Current Vehicles


Dennis Dart J317XVX was my first bus, originally bought in October 2010 from a private seller in Dorset. I used to drive this with its original owner and so seeing it for sale by chance is what got me into bus preservation.

I have sold this vehicle on twice before, but as soon as it gets put up for sale by new owners, I end up buying it back. I think this one’s destined to stay in my ownership!.

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P327HVX is a Dennis Dart with Plaxton Pointer bodywork.

I drove this vehicle with its original operator when it was new. It came into my possession in August 2019 after it was put up for sale by its previous owner. co-incidentally it is stored at the same place I keep my vehicles so that made the purchase relatively straightforward.


W649FUM is a Volvo B10M with Plaxton Premiere Coach bodywork.

It was new to Wallace Arnold and after 6 years there it was acquired by North Essex operator Hedingham Omnibus. I heard on the preservation grapevine that is was for sale and that the operator wanted to see it go into preservation rather than be scrapped - something different so I thought why not!

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Former Vehicles

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Volvo B10M D302PEV was acquired in March 2013 from Mullany’s Coaches of Watford. Being coach chassis based it was better suited to longer distance rallies. With the acquisition of the Hedingham coach the bus was deemed surplus to requirements and was sold for further preservation in December 2017.

Leyland Olympian H105GEV had been a long term target of mine. I had been maintaining an interest in this & two sister vehicles at North Wales operator GHA coaches when in the summer of 2016 they unexpectedly went onto administration. Happily I was able to secure 105 in the ensuing auction conducted by the administrators.
The vehicle was sold for further preservation in August 2018.

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Whilst DAF P337ROO has been more reliable than its sister it hasn’t always been completely plain sailing. The vehicle was purchased from its last operator, TM Travel of Sheffield, in March 2014 and was sold for further preservation in October 2017.

DAF P335ROO came from Sanders Coaches of Norfolk in August 2012 and proved to be quite a problem child. It came a cropper when it lost a fight with a military tank and was thus subsequently sold for scrap in November 2014.


Volvo Olympian W437CWX is the last Olympian built for the UK and is thus a bit of a celebrity worth saving. I acquired it from First Eastern Counties in November 2015 with a fair amount of corrosion from a life spent by the seaside. Unfortunately it proved to be too far gone for me to make any decent progress and so it was sold for further preservation with someone else in October 2016.

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